Giving Yourself the Gift of Fun...and More on "Productivity"

I've been thinking a lot lately about our attitudes toward life once we reach adulthood. Many lose their sense of curiosity, their sense of wonder, and their ability to just let go and ENJOY. There's a pressure to take things more "seriously." We want to be taken seriously by other adults and we believe that acting silly and happy-go-lucky is juvenile or pointless. I think we all know these people, or perhaps have been there ourselves.

What are we doing?

When our perfect souls first come into this world as humans, we understand and remember our purpose. Aren't we on this magnificent planet to experience joy, beauty, and growth? And part of this is having pure, beautiful, fun.

I wrote a post on Instagram recently as a call for us to lighten up, especially surrounding our spirituality. You can read it here.

Fun is sacred.
Being present, truly in the moment, is sacred.
Spending time and/or money on things that bring you true connection and joy is sacred.

A month or so ago I wrote a bit about self-care vs. productivity...the ever-present battle. I wrote how we often push activities that are good for us off to a later time, while instead we prioritize only those things that are "productive." The problem is, our view of what constitutes productivity is flawed.

When was the last time you heard this sentence?
"Wow, I was so productive today! I practiced my guitar for 2 hours, cooked a delicious healthy meal for myself, and then took a luxurious bath with essential oils." 

We've been conditioned to think that productivity is only those things that make us money, that relate to our jobs, or that get us ahead in some way. Very rarely do we hear someone refer to a hobby as "productive" or refer to an act of self-care as "productive."

But I'm hoping I can help you change that. I'm working on changing it myself.

What would happen if you decided to believe that taking care of yourself is true productivity? What if we decided that FUN = PRODUCTIVITY. After all, spending time doing things that bring us joy is a cause of long-term happiness. And I think we can all agree that the ultimate goal of most humans is to lead a happy life. (For you dataheads, fun and play is actually scientifically proven to improve overall health.)

This new sort of productivity doesn't have to cost money, and I encourage you to take the time out of each day to do something small that brings you real joy, fun, and/or play.

This new productivity could also mean booking an experience that brings you joy, that helps you connect with yourself, and that helps you lead the life you want to live. If you're craving a deeper more epic experience for yourself, read on for our Memorial Day sale on a beautiful yoga retreat to the southern coast of Ireland. We have 6 spots left, and leave in just 3 months - and I hope you consider choosing this for yourself.