Dreaming of Retreat

Those of you who know me may know that one of my big goals is to lead wellness and adventure retreats. As an avid traveler in my personal life, as well as someone who has worked in the travel industry, it only makes sense that I combine all of my passions together into one big happy family. What are all of those passions, you ask?


I want to create a travel experience that balances you. I want to create a dual experience for you, where you feel both ease and excitement. One where you feel like you have rejuvenated your mind and body with yoga, meditation, healthy delicious food, and rest. But also one where you have broken out of your comfort zone and tried a new food, a new adventurous activity, or made a new friend. Even just having a conversation with a  new person, and thus expanding your own personal community, adds to your growth.

I have been learning the ins and outs of becoming a retreat leader through the amazing guidance of Julie Zuzek, The Corporate Yogi (check out her amazing podcast), and her program for current or aspiring Retreat Leaders called Retreat U. I have been learning a lot and am constantly inspired being a part of this group.

In the below interview with Julie, I chat a lot about my goals and aspirations - and about how I am starting first by building Sangha (community) and attracting my "tribe" in Boston before jumping into leading retreats on my own. 

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And if you are another yoga teacher looking to lead retreats - I highly recommend becoming a member of Retreat U @ www.retreatu.co