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Dark Side of the Moon: A New Moon Yoga Experience

  • The Sacred Soul Sanctuary 1560 Rock Road Naples, FL (map)
Dark Side of the Moon Yoga

Join us for a unique new moon experience of laser lights, projected visuals, and yoga & creative movement outside under the stars.


The new moon, sometimes called the dark moon, is where there is no light of the moon in the night sky. At this time, only the dark side of the moon is visible, calling us to take a journey inward. To be in stillness, contemplation, and internal dialogue. It brings the shadow to the forefront of our minds, so that our own darkness can be integrated into our being, ultimately transmuted into light. This month's new moon in the spiritual sign of Pisces amplifies our connection to intuition and the unseen realms.

Pink Floyd's album Dark Side of the Moon calls us on a similar journey - to be inside with the depths our our being, to observe our shadow. The album discusses themes and concepts relating to a potentially unfulfilling life - work, money, going through the motions, and ultimately, that which can lead to madness. It gives us an opportunity to dive into our own depths, explore where we may be lacking fulfillment, and make corrections as needed.

What to expect:

During this event, we will practice yoga and mindful movement to the entirety of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon album. Jen Wyatt will lead you through a yoga flow, designed to give you freedom to move, to express yourself, and to get inside yourself - without the confines of rigid alignment or precise yoga cueing. Laser light show and projected visuals will take you out of your thinking mind to connect to your creativity and flow.

This experience will allow you to move freely, connect with your body, and connect with the darkness and stillness of nature under the dark moon. Let go of rules, let go of having to BE a certain way, and allow yourself to go inside.

Join us after the event for a fire and optional pot luck. If joining for the pot luck, please bring a vegan & gluten free dish or snack to share.

$15 in advance until Thursday March 7th
$20 on the day of the event

Tickets available here at the link below, or you may Venmo @JenWyatt.

Ticket link:

Friday, March 8th

The Sacred Soul Sanctuary
1560 Rock Road
Naples, FL

And when the band your in starts playing different tunes,
I'll see you on the dark side of the moon...