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Mastering Your Destiny: An Intro to Real Astrology and Your Personal Birth Chart

Did you know no one in the world has the same astrology as you? Your personality, view of the world, life path and soul purpose are revealed by a one-of-a-kind birth chart. Join Wander Free Wellness hosting guest astrologer from 8th House Astrology for this beginner workshop.

This is not just a generic overview of astrology.

You will receive a copy of YOUR personalized unique chart and the information needed to begin using astrology as tool of personal empowerment and master the journey of life!

***Early registration is required to ensure space and order your personalized materials, prepared by professional astrologer Julie McGill. After registering, please send your full birth date, birth time, and location (city/state) to***

Studio 1084
1084 Business Lane, Naples, FL

Wednesday, July 31st

Cost: $35

Pay via eventbrite or Venmo @JenWyatt

Ticket link:

**Sisters of the Moon Unlimited Members receive a $10 discount**

To learn more about your astrologer, Julie McGill, check out: