Acadia National Park Women’s Retreat

Acadia National Park Women's Retreat Healing the Feminine

Schoodic Peninsula, Acadia National Park

September 5 - 8, 2019

Join Laura Loewy & Jen Wyatt for an immersive all-inclusive Women's Retreat experience on the quiet Winter Harbor side of Acadia National Park. Come ready to integrate into a deep healing weekend of hiking, biking, mindful movement, sharing circles, journaling prompts, ritual, ceremony, and a deep connection to the earth.

All meals and lodging are included. We will be staying in apartment accommodations at the Schoodic Institute right on the breath taking tip of the Schoodic Peninsula.

We believe the bond between women is one that is sacred, but often plagued with insecurity, mistrust, or competition. We believe in the amazing healing power of women coming together, and hope to create a space to foster deep healing around these female relationships. This retreat will be focused on healing the female bond through movement, nature therapy, storytelling, ritual, journaling, and sacred listening.

Part of this experience is being immersed in some of the most pristine nature in the world, where the forest meets the sea. We will spend most of our days outside, either hiking, biking, or kayaking (weather permitting), as well as participating in sacred circles outside wherever possible.

While yoga is often thought to be a physical practice of creating shapes with our bodies that stretch our muscles and work with our breath, we want to encourage you to consider the full picture of what yoga truly is.

"Yoga is a discipline to improve or develop one's inherent power in a balanced manner. It offers the means to attain complete self-realization." (The Ministry of AYUSH) In this framework our entire weekend is in fact a practice of yoga. From the moment we meet one another and set intentions, to the the first steps on the summit of a mountain we are practicing yoga. This means, that while we will offer the asana (the physical practice of yoga) throughout the weekend both indoors and outdoors, please remember that everything outdoors is subject to weather and trail conditions. Our yoga class could range from a mat practice on the ground, to a standing practice with our boots on, or a shorter stretch session on the grass. Most of all, every physical yoga session will be all levels so we invite all people to participate.

We appreciate your willingness to leave all expectations at the door and give into the flow of our weekend adventure!

We have sold out of our Blind Faith pricing and are half-filled at this point.

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Your Retreat Leaders

Jen Wyatt

Jen Wyatt is a lover of all things travel, nature, exploration, and adventure. She is a seeker of new experiences, a lover of connection and community, and of course, an avid yogini and yoga teacher. She has been exploring in nature and traveling since she was a child, spent five years working for the international travel company called EF (Education First), and has spent the last six years working as an elementary teacher in Boston Public Schools. She's been practicing yoga for 10 years, and teaching it to others for three. Jen understands the importance of making time for play, adventure, and connection, and knows that you deserve this time to unplug, recharge, and get back to your truest most alive version of yourself.

Laura Loewy Backcountry Yoga

Laura Loewy

Laura started Backcountry Yoga as a passion project to offer new and exciting ways for yogis to connect in the great outdoors. Since 2015 the brand has grown far  beyond her backyard and taken her to many more wild places than she could have ever imagined. Laura’s journey to connecting yoga and adventure travel started in 2011, on the Salmon River in Idaho, where she had her first “aha” moment communing with nature on a level that went beyond words. Laura is now an alumni of the National Outdoor Leadership School, a teacher of Wilderness First Aid, a Wilderness First Responder and professional hiking guide in the White Mountain National Forest. With over 1000 hours of teaching yoga, Laura is certified in power vinyasa, teen yoga and plant medicine yoga, with an emphasis on lunar influenced sequencing. In addition to yoga adventures, she loves skiing Vermont pow, rock climbing, long boarding by the ocean, sea kayaking, bingeing really weird SyFy TV shows, connecting with female entrepreneurs, and most of all her two new kittens Minnow & Storm :)