Yoga Mix Tape: Volume One

"Jen was an expert mix-taper in the 90s. Cassette deck perpetually poised and at the ready, radio consistently playing in the background, Jen could often be found diving across her wallpapered bedroom to press record and snag that song she'd been waiting for. Times have changed, and Spotify has made all of her dreams come true, but we don't have to lose the vibe of this beloved memory."

Yoga Mix Tape is my first original yoga series where I am tracking back to my childhood to bring something fun and lighthearted to the yoga community. I hope to attract like-minded people who love music, love moving, love community, and love fun. At each Yoga Mix Tape event, you can expect a themed throwback playlist - something that would have appeared on the homemade mixed tapes of the 90s. I hope to bring a little fun and good memories into the positive yoga scene.

On December 8th I hosted Vol. 1: Throwback Holiday Jams. We moved and sweat to a holiday playlist filled with 90s and 00s goodness...from Mariah to Britney to NSync and even Adam Sandler. A few of my favorite classics (including Dean Martin's version of Baby It's Cold Outside, my most favoritest ever) rounded out the mix.

Check out the playlist here and on Spotify - maybe it can become a part of your holiday yoga repertoire?