Yoga + Nature, and why you should try it.

Out in nature is my favorite place to teach yoga.

I believe yoga and nature both serve the same purpose in their own way, and that purpose is connection. Yoga is about connecting mind, body, and spirit, and through this awareness connecting us to all beings and entities in our infinite universe. I believe being in nature, truly experiencing the natural world around us, does the same. A lack of connection with nature contributes to our stress, anxiety, depression, and general feelings of less-than-ideal well-being. The comfort, quiet, and rejuvenation of being in nature calms the body and mind and can help you connect with your truest self - just give it the chance, and to learn to listen.

Growing up in rural New Hampshire, I have always felt the greatest sense of peace and contentment when I'm walking in the woods. In fact my "happy place," the vision I imagine when I want to feel calm and connected, is laying in my hammock as a child, at the edge of our woods, looking up at the trees and sky. It feels only natural that yoga, something that also brings me a sense of peace and clarity, should be combined with nature.

This is one reason why I am passionate about leading yoga outdoors and on retreats. I want to make it easy for others to disconnect from their technology, their daily grind, and get into nature to restore and rejuvenate both mind and body. My upcoming retreat in Maine this June 2017 (co-led with Ellie and Dave from Venture Outside) is a way to do that.

Photo credit: Matt Lambert

If you haven't participated in an outdoor yoga class, do your best to try one as soon as you can. Whether it's beach yoga, stand-up paddleboard yoga, island yoga, a yoga retreat, or yoga on your own in the woods - I guarantee you it will take you to a different head space than your typical studio or home practice.

What has your experience been with outdoor yoga?

If you could try yoga in one new space - where would it be?

Let me know in the comments!