Self-Care vs "Productivity"

I've been talking a lot lately about self-care and how often we feel guilt for taking care of ourselves! I noticed this the other day when I was resting but thinking about everything on my to do list. Does that sound like rest?

Our conscience is way out of whack! Many of us spend so much time feeling good about ourselves only if we are "productive." Productive, in our minds, might be: making money, working for someone else, working for ourselves, building a business, taking care of someone else, feeding the kids, dropping Jimmy and Jane off at soccer practice, etc. etc.

But what about when we take a nice long bath and read a book. Do we call that productive?
What if we take a nice walk out in nature, without our phones. Is that productive?
What if we invest in extended mindful time away from our routine - is that productive?

Let's change our mindset about what is worth spending time and money on.
Let's start to believe that self-care IS productivity.
When we take care of ourselves, we have more energy and fuel to do the tasks we need to accomplish.
AND we stay happier, healthier, and more fulfilled in the process.